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    Juniper ScreenOS 6.3or2 and SNMP v3 configuration

      This is probably a relatively noobish question but here it goes...

      I just installed ScreenOS version 6.3or2 on a SSG140 for the sole purpose of leveraging SNMP v3 to trap/poll to Solarwinds Orion.

      In the process of troubleshooting and configuring the VACM , I am having a tough time getting the OID Subtree's and Subtree Masks to stick.

      I have established a SNMP v3 connection to the device and the interfaces are entirely viewable via Orion NCM. But for some reason, and I think its because Im an idiot, I cannot seem to add OID's to the Juniper. 

      For example, I am trying to add Subtree OID:  Subtree Mask: ff.

      Is my mask wrong? Perhaps I fail to seem the relationship between the two. I cant seem to add any OID that doesnt start with ".".  For example, .  will load into the device (however it wont render any results via Orion).  Are there new MIBS for ScreenOS6.3or2 that need to be loaded into Orion?

      Any assistance would be appreciated, Juniper pretty much stinks at documenting their how-to.