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    Universal Device Poller Min/Max/Average Graph


      Hi, here is the scenario;

      Setting up a UnDP to collect the ICMP echo result returned from an IP SLA job (RTTMON-MIB).  There are actually 2 or more of these IP SLA jobs configured on the same device for different destination addresses.  It's not a problem to get the ICMP echo result for each configured IP SLA job (Its obtainable through the OID #), nor do I care if the results on the same graph.   I want to be able to add the Universal Device Poller Max/Min/Average resource to each node that I have these device pollers configured for, as well I want an individual Max/Min/Average graph for each universal poller I have setup for that specific node.   So far the closest I can get is to just have the chart option enabled in the "Web Display" options for a specific Universal Poller (I have configured seperate universal pollers pertaining to a specific node and pertaining to a specific OID depending on which IP SLA job number) This is okay, but it would be much more useful to have the Max/Min/Average over time...

      Is this possible, or do I really need to purchase the overpriced(IMO) IP SLA Manager?