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    Upgrade issue


      I tried to follow instructions specified at http://support.solarwinds.com/kbase/ProblemDetail.cfm?ID=1287 in order to move and upgrade our ipMonitor instance to v10 but after following the instructions, the web interface for the new machine is not accessible. Attempting to launch the interface from the new machine redirects me to the web interface of the original installation. If I manually change the server name in the Address Bar, I get an error.

      But, if I first move the v9.5 installation to another v9.5 on a new server and then upgrade the new instance to v10, it works fine. Could some help me figure out why does the move and upgrade in one step does not work?



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          Hi prafulnama,

          Sounds like your Start Menu shortcut to the ipMonitor web interface is pointing to a URL file that has the old address.  Having that said, simply open the properties of the following and change the address to reflect the address of your new installation:

          "\Program Files\SolarWinds\ipMonitor\ipmonitor.url"

          You can also make your own URL file and alter the Start Menu shortcut to point to your new file.

          You can also simply open a web browser and type the address of the ipMonitor installation (i.e.

          Either one of these should work for you.


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