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    Does 8.0 simply not work?


      I've been trying to get this dang thing installed for 2 days now and it will not work.  I'm ending up with this when I try to go to the webpage.


      Network Performance Monitor Startup Error

      Cannot start SolarWinds  Orion NPM Web Engine (OrionNPMWeb.Application).

      Error Number  -2147221005
      006~ASP 0177~Server.CreateObject Failed~800401f3

      You  may need to rerun the SolarWinds Configuration Wizard.
      Visit http://www.solarwinds.net/netperfmon/help/admin/Security  for more detailed information.


      What the heck?  I've searched a bit and it seems to be a known issue.  Is there a fix for it?  The database and everything else seems to install just fine.  Just the webpage doesn't work at all.  I had it working at one time, then when I put my user/pass in and used a password with a "special" character it seem to break.  This looks to be a known issue.  I have done a complete new install and still I come up with this error before I can ever see the webpage.

      Help is greatly appreciated!