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    Printer monitoring via OIDs

      I am curious if there is way to monitor things like toner low and paper out/ jam using OIDs. The current OID im using is straight from the SNMP search( and according to the decsription it should funtion properly. However, the values returned are not accurate and I am not informed when the toner is low or if paper is out. I have tested this by manually removing the paper and the toner low warning is already active. I have an HP 2840 colorjet that's Jetdirect compatible

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          Hi Eedar - we're actually IpMonitor: What We're Working Onand expect to have it out very soon. 



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            I have recently configured Primter Toner monitor for HP Printers. This is the step I followed,

            1. Got the OID for Toner status as

            2. Created a New Custom poller in Solarwinds Universal Device Poller.

            3. Put this OID and and map this Assign this custom poller to HP Printer you want to monitor in Orion.

            5. Now got to the Alert configuration and create new Alert as Printer toner monitor.

            6. On the Trigger tab select the customer poller instaed of nodename (default) and slect this new cutomer poller as simple condition.

            7. Now you need to specify the toner lelvel you want to get the alert (OID Return value)

            8. Once it is done you can create Email Alert and test it.