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    Advanced Alerts: Random Line Breaks in Trigger Action Messages


      When composing a message for a trigger action, we found that carriage returns would be inserted all over the place.  No rhyme, or reason.

      The message would look right in the 'message' box of the trigger action, but when we received the email, there would be additional line breaks in the text.

      After further testing and experimenting, we found that if we composed the message in WordPad, and then pasted it into the 'message' box, the email would look as it should.  The random additional line breaks were gone.

      Moreover, we had to do the same thing when inputting comma separated email addresses in the To field.

      Not sure if anyone else has seen this behavior, but hopefully this workaround will help those that do.

      Orion NPM: 9.5.0
      Windows:  Server 2008 SP2 x32