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    DHCP Server Scan Settings - Automatically add new scopes and subnets



      If I disable "automatically add new scopes and subnets" within IPAM DHCP Server Scan Settings, what would be the process (hopefully automatic process) to identify new DHCP scopes added to a DHCP Server?

      I manually defined my supernets/subnets within IPAM when I set it up this past week.  After I added a DHCP Server, 400 subnets were automatically imported into the "Discovered Subnets" folder, which is great.  And, that scope information was also imported into the manually defined subnets, great also.

      I then deleted those subnets within "Discovered Subnets", because those subnets are already defined manually, but during the next scan the subnets were re-added.

      My problem is I want to keep DHCP scanning, but don't want to see redundant subnets.

      What is a practical solution?




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          Hello Jonathan,

          if you disable "automatically add new scopes and subnets" within DHCP Server settings, then you will be able to access list of new discovered scopes by going to DHCP Management page -> toolbar item 'Add' -> Add New Found Scopes.

          It will take you to page with a list of orphaned scopes, where you will see all scopes, which are not mapped to a subnet. You will need to manually identify new scopes you want to add.

          There is a known issue, that DHCP scopes are sometimes duplicated after server is scanned for the first time. Not sure if that is your case, but if you already had subnets created manually, then IPAM should map scopes to those subnets instead of creating new ones in 'Discovered Subnets' group. When you go to  DHCP management page, to DHCP Scope tab. Can you see any duplicates in the grid, where list of scopes is displayed?