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    Need some help with a custom Spanning Tree Alert


      In the Alert Manager, does anyone know how to setup a custom alert with a trigger condtion for a specific or non-specifc value in an OID?

      Basically I am trying to send an alert to my syslog server anytime the spanning tree role changes for any port.  I know the OID to use which bascially gives a raw integer value of 1 to 6.  I have setup the poller with the OID and enumerated the values for root, alternate, etc. 

      I have tried adding a simple trigger in the alert, that says "System OID is equal to" but I dont get any alerts from the nodes, nor can I set which integer I want to alert or where to enumerate them.

      Has anyone else tried this?  I have searched the forums with no luck, so any help would be great.


      Thanks in advance.