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    Error after installing NPM



      I had installed version 8.0.2 and had it working for about 10 minutes.  Then when I changed the admin pass and added a new user with a pass I began getting the following error.


      Network Performance  Monitor Startup Error

      Cannot start SolarWinds Orion NPM Web  Engine (OrionNPMWeb.Application).

      Error Number -2147221005
      006~ASP  0177~Server.CreateObject Failed~800401f3

      You may need to  rerun the SolarWinds Configuration Wizard.
      Visit http://www.solarwinds.net/netperfmon/help/admin/Security for more detailed information.



      I can not for the life of me get it to go away.  I have uninstalled everything and reinstalled and it will show up with the same error every time. 


      I found this thread and it didn't do me any good.  I will admit I used the character $ in my password initially so I thought that would have been the problem.  But after a complete uninstall, it still gives me grief.

      Orion Website Error after upgrade to 8.5?PageIndex=2

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  I can not upgrade to the newest version since we do not have the maint. contract right now.