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    Anyone else just get emailed a few old originating message threads a minute ago?


      I have threads I'm in sent to me in email... just a minute ago 8:57 Arizona Time I got three old threads emailed to me with none of the updates on the threads just the original questions????  I started reading them in email and was thinking isn't this a question from a few days ago??? Then after the third one I thought my email was sorted by date wrong for a sec... but no... Here's an example:

      Orion Alerts (audiable)

      thwack - Automated Email [thwack.feedback@thwack.com]

      Sent:  Thu 2/25/2010 8:57 AM

      To:  Eckler, William-p99874

      Orion Alerts (audiable)
      By Anonymous in Network Performance Monitor

      Curious question, Is there a way i can play a sound on a remote machine?  I want to load a water downed version i guess you could say for help desk staff that will play a sound or a popup when a node goes down or severe problem.


      They currently get email alerts now but we are wanting to take it to the next step incase a email is over looked or deleted without someone looking at it. 


      Orion 8.5.1 SP3 SLX 

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