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    Directory monitor - feature request

      Monitor: Directory

      Feature: Add Maximum File Last Write Time in seconds property

      The Directory monitor has the ability to monitor the number of files in a directory. This is great for when you are using a directory as a queuing mechanism where files are dropped and a process picks them up, but the monitor falls a bit short on truly being useful.

      See if you have it monitor to make sure there are less than 100 files, if your process stops processing the files, eventually an alert will sound when the file count goes past the maximum that you configured. The problem is if your process stops working and the file count never goes past this maximum an alert will never go out. What the Directory monitor needs is an additional property which is used to measure the Last Write Time of the file. That would allow you to not only monitor the number of files in a directory, but also how long the files have been there. So for example, in my scenario I could say that there should be more than 100 files in the directory and that no file should be sitting there for more than 60 seconds.