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    Network Sonar


      I love love love that I can now schedule Network Sonars, and that it highlights new devices, interfaces and nodes. This is vital to some of our operations. We can use this as a form of auto-discovery for changes.

      One thing I am looking for now, can we also have it make an event entry?

      Something along the lines of: Scheduled discovery <CustomDescription> has found <ObjectCount> new items.

      That would rock! I could then make a report of these events for the last 7 days and work on adding them. We have so many spread out device types and groups configuring them that from a monitoring standpoint  it is near impossible to keep up with all of the changes.

      Is this possible?

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          Not in 10.0, we do not log them to the events, so I added a request to add that.  Only thing we do is place in the banner that scheduled discovery found xx new devices and a link to go to the details.

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              Wow, searching for this and found that this has been a request for nearly 4 years. Why the hold up?  We have a node that keeps getting added through discovery, but it isn't really there. The only thing that shows up in the Events is that the node was added.  When will the actual Discovery steps be shown there as well?