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    clarification on NTA 3.6 IP Address Groups


      Can anyone explain the impact adding custom ip address groups has on the predefined private range groups in the Top XX IP Address groups chart?

      Does flow data matching a custom defined ip address group also show up if its in an overlapping ip address group?

      I am hoping that it does not so I can drill into the predefined groups to further target additional ip address groups to define, however, it appears im seeing some overlapping data in those flows.

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          Hello adeimel,


          Currently there is no way how to define hierarchical IP groups as you describe. It means, all IP groups that matches the traffic will be counted and so in case of overlapping (or inclusive) IP groups you will see data multiplication.

          However you still should be able to drill down to some IP group traffic and on resulting view (on the Top IP Groups resource) see what other IP Groups matches the same traffic.