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    Receiving multiple alerts for some events

      Can anyone please help me understand why we are receiving multiple alerts for some events. ex. Processor utilization spikes, We recieve 10-20 alerts for the same event. The same thing happens when the proc. util goes down.. 10-20 alerts for that event. I am a newbie with Solarwinds, but I am trying to understand the alerting so we can eliminate this nightmare. Any and all help is appreciated.


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          We had the same issue as well a while back.  Below are some instructions I got from Solarwinds support for identifying where your node/interface alerting is being duplicated.

                  If these are all Basic Alerts, then you could try this to see
          which  alerts will check for that particular device:

          1)  Open  system manger, and open the Node Details on each of the
          Nodes you need to  check this against.

          In the Node Details pane, note down the NODE ID  of each of these
          2)  Open the Orion  Database Manger tool, and connect to your SQL

          Expand the  orion database, right-click the Alerts table, and
          click Query  Table.

          Remove the default query, and enter in the  following:
                  Select AlertName, Enabled,  NetObjects
                  From Alerts
                  where netobjects like '*' or  netobjects like '%111,%' or
                      netobjects like  '%222,%'
                  *replace the 111 and 222 with node  id of your devices. The *
          will pick up any alerts that are monitoring all  nodes, but they will
          also pick up alerts that happen to be monitoring all  interfaces and all