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    Easier Alerting

      I would like to see the Alerting be more of a wizard and easier to customize.  It would be even better if an alert setup wizard could be tied into adding an application to APM.

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          Hi ekovash--

          I've marked this for the PM to review.


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            Can you provide more details on this request?  It's already a wizard, but obviously, it leaves you wanting.  And "easier to customize" usually competes against "wizard".  Wizards provide ease of use by limiting options.  And what does are you thinking about when you say you want to tie it into adding an application?  What problem are you trying to solve there?  

            To be clear, I'm not challenging the requests.  I'd just like more data in case we already have a solution or to understand what would actually solve your problem.

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                For example...Lets say I want to create an application monitor in the APM module but I want it to have a different time window than all the other applications.  Rather than going into the Advanced altering application and creating a new alert and then excluding it from the other alter, it would get created through the setup of the application.