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    Sounds cool but what is Profiler???

      For those out there already using Profiler there’s not too much to explain of course but I  just wanted to take 2 minutes to describe to the rest of our community what Profiler is and what it does.

      In a nutshell: Profiler is a perfect complement to our Orion family of products. It expands our monitoring and reporting capabilities to areas that we were not touching before like storage. What this means is that now you can get visibility into your entire Network as always plus new components such as Fiber-Channel switches, SAN/NAS arrays, data classification and much more. All this done “the Solarwinds way” which (as you already know) means: simple, easy to use and powerful.

      We are very excited to be part of the Solarwinds family and the Thwack community. Please post your comments, questions and feedback here. We are looking forward to it.

      Want to learn more about Profiler? Check out this Geek Speak Blog: http://geekblog.solarwinds.com/2010/59/27/solarwinds-makes-the-move-to-storage.aspx