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    Welcome to Profiler Customers!


      On behalf of everyone at SolarWinds, and really, the whole SolarWinds community, I want to welcome all of the many Profiler customers to thwack.  This site  serves as the central meeting place for SolarWinds' customers, SolarWinds' employees, and also for IT professionals who are considering the purchase of SolarWinds' products. Now that Tek-Tools is part of SolarWinds, we want to include all of the Profiler customers as part of our community.  

      What do you do on thwack?  Ask questions.  The community answers.  SolarWinds considers itself an active part of the community, so every post is read internally.  Product managers and engineers read and respond to a lot of posts.  You can see from my avatar that I have thousands, and the other PMs are similar.  We take this seriously. Brian Radovich and Gustavo Sosa are long-time Tek-Tools PMs.  They know everything there is to know about Profiler, and they're passionate about the product.  Both of them will be actively monitoring this forum and responding on a regular basis.

      Again, welcome to thwack, and we look forward to talking with you.