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    Getting status from Location, not device

      Hello guys!

      I'm using SQL Queries to get status from devices. But that gives me way too much info (devices).
      We have many locations and many devices, instead of getting the devices status I would like to get the Location status.
      Example: We have 10 buildings and in two of them a switch fails / goes down. In the Orion webinterface we can see that Building 1 and 2 have device(s) that are down (the icon in front of the location name is yellow, it would be red if very device under that location was down).

      So in short, my question is: How do I get that status and how can I export it? Is it just a script that runs and checks if the devices under that location are down. Or is this stored in a DB? Either way, I need to get the Status info from the Location, not the device.