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    Can I set device polling on a "per tab" basis?


      Hey all, I would like to be able to change the polling interval for devices on a "per tab" basis. For example, for Dispatch workstations I would like to poll CPU and Memory with a higher frequency and poll Finance workstations with a lower frequency (or vice versa at times) . Or if I'm working on a problem I'd like to set the polling tighter on a device/devices. The only place I see right now to change polling frequency is in the Application Settings.

      I'm running Engineer's Toolset V10 and Workspace Studio


      Joe B

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          The polling intervals are global to the application.  This was an intentional design decision, mostly to enable us to feed the data from the same poll to multiple gadgets.  For example, if you have the same interface represented on six different gadgets, the interface is only polled once per each polling interval instead of six times per polling interval.  The end result is that it minimizes the load on the device, and helps to maintain consistent data across the entire app.

          It shouldn't cause any harm to poll every device more frequently in the cases you mentioned anyway; "too much data" is a good problem to have =)

          Hope this helps.