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    newbie: After installation, Can't correct create database on SQL 2008


      I try evaluate SolarWind NMP.

      The Installation finished successful, but when run Configuration Wizard, and try to create database, I got error about can't create database check configurationwizard.log file. Already try to used sa and windows users for connection to server. But if I go and check on database server I can see the name of database which gave me error when it was created. I try to delete database and create from wizard one more time, same deal. I found topic in knowledge base about install and register sqdmo.dll - not help to me.

      I try to find out this log file and it not exists.


      Clean installation W2k3 with IIS (nothing else not antivirus, firewalls or other security software), connected to domain.

      External MSSQL 2008 server, fully works, with right credentials.


      Thank you for any help.