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    Orion products and Time Zones


      This post really applies to multiple Orion products but I did not see a better fit.

      I recently had to change my Orion servers from local time to GMT time. What I am seeing is an inconsistency on how it is displayed.

      For instance, on my Orion 9.1 SP5 servers the home page shows the time from what I assume is my local workstation and not the server as it is about 6 hours behind GMT. Everything still appears to be working except for NetFlow 3.1. I am seeing 'no data for selected time period' messages on that page. I can only assume that that is because it got confused when I made the time shift. I am hoping it will catch up later.....

      I did make the time change after stopping all Solarwinds services and then restarting after the time change.

      Now on my Orion 9.5.1 severs the home page reflects the new GMT time on the server. This is what I would expect. I have not seen any other issues (yet) as a result of this time change. Even Netflow 3.6 is still working!

      However, my EOC 1.2 servers are not reflecting the time change on the home page. It looks like this is still reading the time from my local workstation. Hope this can be fixed somehow.

      Ideally I would like to include 'GMT' next to the time so users will now know what time zone is reflected. This is especially important when getting alerts, etc.