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    Can I Pass Login Details Via URL When Using Windows Pass Through Authentication?


      Hi all, we're using Windows Pass Through Authentication to allow users to access our Orion installation with their AD credentials. This is working great, however I'd also like to be able to script grabbing some information out of the system and I can't seem to be able to open up an Orion page in a browser or grab it using Curl or wget without being prompted for a username or password.

      I followed the following section in the NPM Administrator Guide:

      "Passing Login Information Using URL Parameters

      The user ID and password can be passed as parameters within the URL. This allows you to create a favorite or bookmark within a browser, or on your desktop. Create a favorite with a link in the following form to pass the login information:
      Provide the hostname or IP address of your Orion server as the DOMAIN. Provide your Orion User ID as the USER, and then provide your Orion user account password as the PASSWORD."

      Is this breaking in the same way that Direct Link breaks when you disable anonymous authentication?