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    For CBQoS users - Before you upgrade to NTA 3.6


      Before you upgrade to NTA 3.6, consider upgrading to NPM 9.5.1.  There were several fixes in 9.5.1 to the polling engine used for CBQoS and by upgrading to 9.5.1 first, you are more likely to have a smooth upgrade to NTA 3.6.

      If you've already upgraded to NTA 3.6 and are experiencing issues with CBQoS polling, please review this KB article

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          I had a smooth upgrade to NTA3.6 but am still running NPM 3.5 SP2 because it has been stable and some issues people have had kept me from makeing the jump.  I assume I can upgrade directly to NPM 9.5.1 from 9.5SP2 is this correct?  Is doing this after NTA3.6 going to cause a problem?  Maybe I should just try it NPM 9.5.1 and I guess if I may have to reinstall NTA3.6... ne thoughts?

          I have been very happy with the NTA3.6 improvements!