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    Link Status color change on Maps using Atlas

      I know that the "Metrics" on an object in the network atlas will change colors on the map, Such as errors and discards. However, I do not see a way to have the icon (For an interface) change color based on "Utilization". IE: turn yellow when ecceeding thresholds (as set by high utilization threshold). I only see "UP/Down" state (Turn red).

      Is there a way to have the icons that represent an interface turn yellow for "High Utilization" ?



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          Hi there, this isn't a solution to your exact query but it works for us:

          We've been monitoring link utilisation between our core routers on campus for a few years using an open source app called Network Weathermap (http://www.network-weathermap.com/). It's a visualisation tool that takes existing data (from sources such as MRTG, RRD and Cacti) and makes nice looking diagrams out of it like this:


          When we started using Orion NPM this was the one piece of functionality I couldn't figure out how to replicate from our existing toolbox of apps. What I wound up doing was keeping MRTG and Network Weathermap running on another machine and using the map I linked to above as a background for a Network Atlas map in NPM (as URL rather than a static file). Weathermap doesn't provide any information on the nodes themselves so I dropped in the relevant nodes on top of the map.

          The Weathermap auto-updates every 5 minutes so each time the NPM page updates it pulls in the corresponding new background and we've got our NPM monitored nodes overlayed for a nice hybrid map.

          Weathermap also supports getting it's data from a tab-delimitted file and I'm currently working on using NPM's 'Chart Data' export option for interfaces and a little Perl trickery to get my data from NPM and ditch MRTG.