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    NetFLow and Extreme Blackdiamond


      I am trying to get NetFlow working with an Extreme switch -

      "netflow is not detected on the selected interface"

      It does not recoginse the fact that sFlow is enabled on the switch.

      Here is the config

      configure sflow sample-rate 128
      configure sflow max-cpu-sample-limit 2000
      configure sflow poll-interval 30
      enable sflow
      configure sflow collector "NetFlowServer_IPAddresss" port 2055 vr "VR-Mgmt"
      configure sflow ports 1:2 sample-rate 128
      enable sflow ports all

      SFLOW Global Configuration
      Global Status: enabled
      Polling interval: 30
      Sampling rate: 128
      Maximum cpu sample limit: 2000
      SFLOW Configured Agent IP: "SwitchIPAddress" Operational Agent IP: "SwitchIPAddress"
      Collector IP "NetFlowServer_IPAddresss" , Port 2055, VR "VR-Mgmt"

      SFLOW Port Configuration
      Port      Status        Sample-rate        Subsampling
                            Config / Actual      factor     
      1:2       enabled     128    / 128          1          


      There is no firewall or any device blocking traffic betweek these devices and both are on the save vLAN-

      Any thoughts?