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    Using external collector (e.g. NProbe) to collect NetFlow data


      We're running a network with non-NetFlow-supported switches (3750s) and we're trying to use an external PC to and a SPAN session to collect traffic and forward it as NetFlow data to NTA.  Initially, NTA showed an alert that it had received a NetFlow data stream from our PC, but it said we had to add it as a managed node.  We added it, but set it to manage via ICMP only, because the PC is not set up for SNMP.  Then I got a message saying "You have not enabled NetFlow data export on (the PC)", and it had a link to a Thwack article on how to enable NetFlow on Cisco switches.  Now I'm not sure if I'm getting NetFlow data or not, but I suspect not because I haven't been able to search on Protocols or end points, etc.

      I did find some documentation on Thwack that advised the following:

      • Add the server running nProbe to Orion, including all interfaces
      • Add the server interfaces as monitored NetFlow Source

      I added our server, but via ICMP only, so there was no option to include any interfaces.  Do you think this would be a problem?