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    Alteon loadbalancers and ssl offloader config download via snmp

      we are currently using perl scripts to download the alteon configs via tftp with an snmp request. Can we get this feature implemented in the NCM? The relavent script details follow:


      sub tftp_backup_alteon
              #requires: $tftp_server, $device, $target_file, $write_string
              system "snmpset -t 30 -v 1 -c \'$write_string\' $device s $tftp_server &> /dev/null";
              system "snmpset -t 30 -v 1 -c \'$write_string\' $device s $target_file &> /dev/null";
              system "snmpset -t 30 -v 1 -c \'$write_string\' $device i 4 &> /dev/null";