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    Telnet/SSH gadget doesn't work for 26xx or 28xx ProCurve switches?


      Hey all, I'm a 100% ProCurve switch shop and using the Telnet/SSH gadget in Toolset won't work for me. Here's the situation: my 26xx and 28xx switches require a CR to get to the actual login menu and I don't see a way to send a CR using the Telnet/SSH gadget. I contacted HP and their response was:

      It is not possible to disable the "press any key to continue" prompt, which occurs before the prompt for username and password.  For this reason, scripted logons must include a carriage return when this prompt occurs.

      Does anyone know of a way to send a CR using the Telnet/SSH gadget? Yeah, I could go ahead and use something else but the process would be easier if I could use the gadget.


      Joe B