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    Add node by port number



      Version 9.5.1

      I need to figure out how to add a node by a port number or if it's even possible.  We transitioned from Radware load balancers to F5s and ICMP won't work.  Is there any way to monitor these nodes by a port probe?  For instance 3389 for Windows and 22 for Linux/Unix? 

      I've tried changing the SNMP port etc but that doesn't lend connectivity.


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          This is not currently possible today.

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              This is not currently possible today.


              I had to chime in about the answer above. It always makes me smile and quietly laugh.


              If a function is not "currently" available :

              1. Was it available in the past and deprecated out at sometime ?

              2. Is it scheduled for inclusion in a future release ?

              3. Are you waiting to see if there is enough interest from the customers to do option #2 ?


              I also imagine the answer being spoken by someone and they really draw out the "currently" word. This makes the answer a prompt for the questioner to ask the next logical question. That being "When will it be available ? "


              You've gotta hate IT geeks that write code and take things as literal as possible.


              Snicker, snicker, snort.