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    ESX and Wireless Views


      When I go to Admin - views, there are several views available, however when I select say ESX I see only one ESX server and without knowing all of the Orion ID's for each server I have to guess at the ID number and that is not going to work for my manager who wants to see the views. This is the same for wireless. So 2 questions:

      1: how do I get access to those views from a menu

      2: how do I create a menu of all of the devices (wireless and VMware) so that the detailed view can be selected



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          Those views are set up to be 'Views by Device Type'.  What this means is that if we detect the node your looking at is one of those device types, we automatically use that view when you click on the node.

          Now let me see if I can answer your questions:

          1.  You could create menu items that are just links to the page for each individual item(http://cschmit-dev/Orion/NetPerfMon/NodeDetails.aspx?NetObject=N:315).  That's probably going to be a lot more links than you really want to deal with.  Which I think leads into question #2.

          2.  In looking at this, the best way is probably to create a new view that contains a view limitation of "Single Machine Type" and set it to "VMWare ESX Server".  That new view could just contain the 'All Nodes - Table" resource.  That will give you a simple list of ESX nodes that your manager can click through pretty quickly. 

          You'll want to add this view to the menu bar for them as well.  So go into the 'Customize Menu Bars' option from the admin page, select the menu you want to edit, then scroll down and hit the 'Add' button for creating a custom menu item.  Add the link to the newly created view, and you should be all set.


          Does that help?  Let us know if you have any issues getting that up and running.