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    Version of SQL supported for Orion NPM and the Netflow PlugIn


      I have a client whom has now used Orion NPM for a couple of years and seems to be pretty satisfied with it.  The sole exception is that right now the client runs Orion on a version of SQL Express.

      We went to install the 30 day trial analysis of the Netflow module several months ago, and found out that the SQL express version is a limitation that prohibits us to use the Netflow Module.

      I am a big fan of the Netflow module and its capabilities as I use this extensively at one of my other clients office and they rely on it heavily.

      I was told today by the client that they may have a license for SQL 2000.  Would our Orion 9.5.1 run on this version, and would Netflow work on this as well?