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    Can't identify Cisco Pix or ASA with ipMonitor

      I installed ipMonitor and ran the discovery. I have (1) Cisco 2811 router, (1) Cisco 3560 Switch, (1) Cisco Pix firewall, and (1) Cisco ASA firewall.

      The discovery process was able to identify the 2811 router and 3560 switch precisely, and with all of the available monitors that come with those specific Cisco devices.

      It was unable to identify the Pix or ASA firewalls as such, and simply added an ip address and ping monitor. How do I enable ipMonitor to identify the Cisco firewalls in detail like it did for the switch and router?

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          Hi rgcarroll,

          ipMonitor likely did not get a response via SNMP when you were performing a scan of those devices.  Are you certain that SNMP connections work from the ipMonitor host to the firewall devices?

          I would try by adding a SNMP monitor manually in ipMonitor to the device and seeing if that works.  If it does not it may be that the devices do not have SNMP enabled, are using incorrect community or are not responding to the ipMonitor server do to some configuration reason.

          You can also use the SNMP Monitor wizard under the configuration tab of ipMonitor to try and walk the firewall devices. Try a OID such as so that it will walk all the OID's available.

          Hope this helps!

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            We have a CISCO-AS5520 Firewall. I have a SNMP Version 2 monitor build with the "number of active connections" as follows:

            UDP Port = 161

            OID =

            Analyze the Result as: Numeric data < 3000

            The monitor is down when we have more then 3000 firewall connections from the intranet nic.