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    Monitoring Debian Server with Orion NMP

      I am trying to monitor my debian servers with Orion NPM. I have configured snmpd in debian and it works because I test from another machine with the command

      #> snmpwalk -v 2c -c lectura interfaces

      #>snmpwalk -v 2c -c lectura system

      and it is works but when I try to put this using Orion this cant find this server with comunity. So I cant monitor my debian.

      Anybody has a config for debian server to be monitor with Orion ?

      This is my snmpd.conf in  debian server

      # Definimos las community
      # sec.name source community

      com2sec readwrite localhost escritura
      com2sec readonly lectura

      #com2sec readonly lectura

      # Asignamos los grupos a las secciones
      # sec.model     sec.name

      group MyROSystem v1     readwrite
      group MyROSystem v2c    readwrite
      group MyROSystem usm    readwrite

      group MyROGroup v1       readonly
      group MyROGroup v2c      readonly
      group MyROGroup usm      readonly

      group MyRWGroup v1       readwrite
      group MyRWGroup v2c      readwrite
      group MyRWGroup usm      readwrite

      # Creamos las vistas
      # incl/excl subtree mask

      view all included .1 80
      view system included .iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib-2.system

      # Asignamos las vistas a los grupos
      # context sec.model sec.level match read write notif

      access MyROSystem ""    any     noauth exact system     none none
      access MyROGroup  ""    any     noauth exact all        none none
      access MyRWGroup  ""    any     noauth exact all        all none