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    Upgrading to 9.5.1?  Read this....


      This post is to try and share issues folks have run into with upgrading.  Please feel free to share what you have found also.

      Here is what I have found:

      1. If you are upgrading from a pre-release (which I suspect most will not be), the upgrade will fail with directory invalid (267) error.  The answer here was to remove product and install new.

      2. APM module templates no longer visible in edit/update window. The database showed the templates existed but when going to edit them they would not appear. The fix was to upgrade APM module to version 3.1.

      3. NCM scheduler stopped. I had a week where config backups were not running. This was only determined because a network engineer asked me why the reports stopped being emailed to him.  I checked and logs show that the scheduler indeed had not been running for a week!  I manually started the jobs and now they seem to be running.

      3. User account corruptions.  Users complaining that they keep getting web site errors when going into views.  What a mess. Apparently the reference IDs for views did not carry over... so there will be non-existent ID values in the database.  To fix you need to run queries on the users to look at there values, find the bad one and manually replace it because in many instances the GUI dies when you try and bring up the users account. 

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