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    Orion NTA 3.6 is now available


      SolarWinds Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer 3.6 is now generally available from the customer portal.  For those who participated in the Release Candidate program, RC3 is the final build so there is no need to upgrade if that was the last build you installed.

      Notable features:

      • Customizable Rate-based Charts
        • Choose between rate (Kbps), percent interface speed, percent of total traffic, or total transferred per time unit (same as today)
        • Choose between stack charts or line charts
      • Advanced Application Mapping
        • Use IP address(es) or ranges in combination with port(s) to define an application
        • Parse web traffic into discrete applications (e.g. YouTube versus Salesforce.com)
      • New and Improved IP Address Groups
        • Create IP address groups that include multiple ranges and IP addresses
        • Analyze how network traffic is behaving geographically
      • New Reports
        • Top XX Conversations
        • Top XX Transmitters by Unique Partner
        • Top XX Receivers by Unique Partner
      • Improved Performance and Usability
        • Enable Top Talker Optimization to boost collection performance and reduce system resource and disk usage
        • View CBQoS data in interface detail views without having to enable NetFlow on source interfaces
        • Find settings more easily with new NTA admin area reorganization

      Full release notes here: http://www.solarwinds.com/support/NetFlow/docs/ReleaseNotes/releaseNotes.htm