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      Compute days to threshold and allow advanced alert.

      Think of link utilization.  Allow threshold templates to be applied to links.  Vendor lead time for new circuits and order fulfillment can vary.  So say vendor A is 45 business days and B is 60.  Those links need to be assigned different thresholds.

      Would also need to allow the threshold to be calculated for a certain time window (Business hours, SLA windows, etc).

      Also compute stability of that threshold.

      Could be extended to Netflow, App performance, etc..

      Very useful for planning.  we had it in another product and still let it run to get this metric and alert.

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          Hi pyro13g--

          I'll mark this for the product manager to add to the feature request list.


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            Good feedback, in 9.5 we did add trending to the charts/graphs, but it has to be created manually, not sure if you have seen it

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                Yep, I have the trend lines turned on.  Questions start coming when that trend line is pointing up.  As long as we have the other system running I can remind them to check the other system for the Days to Threshold.  That system is expensive and maybe getting dropped.