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    UnDP Returns Table, need row.


      I'm running a poller that grabs the temp of a switch stack.  The data is in a table with multiple rows.  I see from other posts that transform cannot return just one row, and you can't specify the row you want in the poller. You get the whole table.  (Though I use the ColumnMax to get the max value which is shown in each row)

      When I create a chart of the UnDP results, It DOES allow me to pick the table row I want to graph.  However, I can't select this as a default, and must edit EACH node to remove temp rows I don't want to monitor.  Is there a way to make this default.  The row value is fixed in the MIB.

      I'd like to create a top 10 for Temp, but this function does not let me filter the row values, so one node is listed for all 10, one for each table value.  Not what I want.  Any fix for this either?  I may end up turning off ColumnMax to stop this undesireable feature, but loose graphing the max temp value.



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          You can poll a specific row.  Create a poller per row and then assign them accordingly to your devices.  Might want to view the description in the row for each device to make sure it's the temp you want.


          For CISCO, the temp table starts at  so you would just keep tagging on the next number (,2,3, etc..)) to get the rows you want.