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    Uninstall Toolset, Windows 7


      Most of the toolset does not run on Windows 7 (throws errors about outdated ocx files that IT installed in the first place), and will not uninstall.  If anyone has any insight on how I can rid myself of this "tool"set, I would appreciate it.

      Currently, the installer complains I need admin rights, of course I have those, etc, etc.

      Thanks in advance.

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          I am sorry you are disappointed, but I run Toolset on Win7 everyday, without errors.  Yes, we do require admin access, but that its to prevent errors.

          Let's do a remote session to see if there is some configuration settings we can adjust to make your experience more pleasant.


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              juan kaliente

              Does the SW toolset require admin rights to 'run'  ie... the tools themselves.  We are migrating to W7, and one user is saying they need admin password to run the tools.   I have 20 licenses fyi.     Our security is going to require a daily admin rights password change, so need to know how much of a pain we need to prepare for.


              thanks if you can advise

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                  Hey Juan - the short answer is - "it depends." Some of the tools require admin rights and some do not. We're definitely moving toward not requiring admin rights as we evolve the tools. We don't have a list of what's what - but generally, if the tool requires starting or stopping a service (TFTP server, Config, etc.), you will need admin rights. 

                  Hope that helps!

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                Hi there,

                I'm also having the exact same issue on Windows 7.

                I downloaded a trial version of the new Engineers Toolset on Thursday but have been unable to get it working

                I get 'runtime error 339' messages when I try and run any of the tools and if I try and uninstall it tells me I need admin rights; which I have.

                Be grateful for any advice.

                Many Thanks 

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                    Toolset has been tested and verified to work on Windows 7 as of the 10.3 release.  If you're having problems installing an evaluation version, please contact Sales and they can get one of our Sales Engineers to help you.



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                        disappointed and muz73,
                        I'm running Engineer's Toolset on a Windows 7 Home Premium machine.  It's an Asus U50F default build (nothing special) and I use my local administrator rights all the time.  I have never had a problem with the install of or operating the Toolset on this machine.  One thing to note though, this machine is not in a domain and doesn't have any corporate policies trying to protect it.  Like Greg and Craig said, I also recommend letting one of the Sales Engineers at SolarWinds take a look.  They should be able to get you past the technical objections and once the Toolset is installed, you'll quickly find out why it's a 'must have' for every network and systems engineer. 

                        Jason Henson
                        Loop1 Systems

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                      Here is some updated information:

                      We still require elevated rights to install Toolset but most of the tools will run with standard rights. Here are a list of the tools which still require elevated rights:

                      LaunchPad, Bandwidth Gauges, All Config Tools, DNS & Who Is Resolver, MIB Viewer, MIB Walk, NPM, Ping, Real Time Interface Monitor, Send Page, SFTP/SCP Server, Trap Receiver, TFTP Server, Watch It, Edit Dictionaries, and Toolset/Orion Integration.