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    Netflow summarization/compression adjustments?


      I came in this morning, Monday morning, and TRIED to look at netflow data from a problem I was working on right before I left Friday. But, when I set the Absolute Time Period for the data pull for a 2 hour window last friday afternoon I get "No Data for Selected Time Period". I can pull data for Saturday but not for Friday. It LOOKS like after 2 days it keeps one data point per day? I don't know anyplace in Orion I can look at and adjust the retention settings for netflow but I'd REALLY like to keep at least hourly averages longer than 2 days. I have a 400gb drive with 30gb of data on it so I have plenty of room to keep that data. Now the question is, HOW? The only settings I see I can change is how many MINUTES to keep uncompressed data (set to 120) and how many DAYS to keep compressed data (set to 30). I'd LOVE to find settings to control summarization/averaging. Any suggestions, folks?