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    NPM Maintenance Periods Identified on Graph


      Expanding the use of the data collected by the SolarWinds suite in our environment inherently means more people are independently looking at unique data for different periods of time. Any event that disrupts the poller results in periods in the graph with no data. Its not reasonable to expect everyone who views the portal to simply understand that no data means "no data collected".

      I think it would be helpful if you could enter time frames clearly identifying either periods with rather significant intermittent data collection (currently being experienced) or one off events such as software updates and reboots. These periods would be visually indicated on all graphs generated.

      It may be helpful to have the maintenance scheduling function incorporate a simple change log type accounting. So that if you identified a period that needs to be flagged as faulty or questionable you can add comments as well. Or if you happen to be working on a support ticket with Solarwinds you could put in case related comments..

      Now.. Back to my coffee