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    Question about IPAM

      I have IPAM installed and I have added all of the VLANs and Subnets in my network to this application.  It's giving me loads of information that is great.
      I have another piece to configure which is the DHCP scope function.  Now.. my question is what does monitoring these scopes really give me?  All i can think of is that it''ll show me how many addresses are left in the scope.

      That information is already available though what addresses are left in the scope.  Or am I missing something?

      Let me know what you guys think.


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          With DHCP integration you can do for example following:

          • Have information about DHCP utilization visible in IPAM (no need to go to MS DHCP admin GUI)
          • Setup alerts to inform you when usage of a DHCP scope is high
          • When DHCP scopes are downloaded from the server, subnets for these scopes get created automatically -> no need to manually create subnets in advance
          • If you are only interested in DHCP info, you can turn off regular subnet scanning (ICMP/SNMP) for that specified subnet/scope. Subnet IPs will still be updated when DHCP server is scanned.