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    Configure SNMP on physical ESX Servers

      I need to be able to discover the physical ESX hosts using SNMP to monitor the NICS, Memory etc...

      I am unfortunately not a linux person (ESX4) and I've been playing around with the snmpd.conf file to get access and all I've managed to get visible is the contact details and CPU and Memory when listing resources for the particular host.

      Can anyone shed some light on what exactly needs to be changed on the snmpd.conf file to allow as much read-only access as possible.

      Security is not an issue for me as the Solarwinds Server and ESX Management interfaces are on a secure network

      I have opened the firewall ports in VCentre for SNMP and restarted the snmp service on ESX hosts but still need to know what needs to be changed to allow access to all elements