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    NPM  but also  APM / NCM / IPAM / IPSLA - Status roll up =)


      I know that SolarWinds is currently working on status rollup for a unknown future release. I wanted to put this out there in case its useful. It would seem to me rollup status capability is essential to being able to create any kind of intelligent custom status representation and I am excited that that it looks like this is in the works.


      I wonder if there has been any thought to better integrating the modules themselves. Personally i would like to see the option to organize all modules in one tree on the main page. That would show me what and where all in one tree without having to go design yet another custom view. Ideally status rollup capability should be a function of the tree the objects in it are simply logical.

      Now this mock up doesn’t show roll up status. (i don’t really have THAT much free time) I was just hoping to illustrate the basic idea. I’m not sure how other large organizations organize their objects within Orion but our environment is large enough that what is as important as where.

      If you don’t plan to better integrate these modules in this fashion i would hope you would as least give the user the same organizational capability you have in the NPM tree. If that were my only option i would simply create a duplicate tree for all the other modules so there is some cohesion.