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    Pollers Group


      Some how I created a Poller group called "No Group.  Most of my pollers were listed under Default Group (for APC UPSs) now I have a group called "No Group'

      I cannot see how to remove the "No Group' poller catagory.   Any ideas?





      Default Group
      upsAdvBattery 100 1:42 PM
      No Group
      upsAdvBatteryCapacity 100 1:42 PM
      upsAdvBatteryReplaceIndicator False 1:42 PM
      upsAdvIdentSerialNumber YS0342222027 1:42 PM
      upsBasicBatteryLastReplaceDate 10/15/03 1:42 PM
      upsBasicBatteryStatus batteryNormal(2) 1:42 PM
      upsBasicIdentModel Smart-UPS 2200 RM 1:42 PM
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          I think the "No Group" group gets created if you don't assign a group to your UnDP.  If you edit each poller, at the bottom of the "Define Your Universal Device Poller" window, there is a "Group" drop down list.  You can either select the Default Group from that list or create a new group name by deleting the current group name being shown and typing in a new name.  I don't know if moving all of your pollers out of the "No Group" will delete the group from the list or not, but it will allow you to create new groups or move the all the pollers to the default group.

          Hope this helps!

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