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    Is ESXi supported?  I can get somethings to work, but not others.


      I have ESXi servers and the following things work:

      "List of Virtual Machines" (with the IP and VM Name, the state, the ESX told OS, but what is this "CPU Shares"?)

      "Virtual Machine Memory Consumption", "Virtual Machine CPU Consumption",  and "Virtual Machine Network Traffic"


      The things I found that don't work are the SNMP things.  The monitoring of the host CPU, Memory, volumes and interfaces seem to not work.  I can list the interfaces but it doesn't look like any statistics comes back.  I can't find any of the other data.


      Does anybody else have ESXi?  Are you seeing the same thing or do I just need to enable something?


      Also, what is the "CPU Shares".  It looks like it is the percentage of the node's cpu time used used by each guest, not the "shares" as defined by the resource pool. (I think the info we are getting is more useful than the share info but the column name is a little confusing.