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    ? - is there a way to exclude all interfaces from discovery (just want the device)

      As I understand it, discovery automagically sets up (enables) monitoring for *all* interfaces it finds on *all* devices that it finds.  Is that correct?

      If so, then can I tell discovery to NOT automagically set up monitoring for all these discovered interfaces?

      I'm scared to run discovery anymore, because after running it once (about 1.5 years ago), literally thousands of "interface down" alarms were triggered, everyone thought there had been a catastrophic failure in the network, and I looked like a fool.  (1) I don't like looking like a fool, (2) nor do I want to trigger alarms for down interfaces that I don't care about.

      I just want the device(s) discovered, and I'll pick the interfaces I want to monitor after they're added into the inventory.

      Any suggestions?