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    NPM client

      Can I install the orion npm client on another pc? I have searched the forum and have not see this question answered.

      I like the web gui but I want the client installed on my machine.


      Thanks in advance

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          there's not too much about Orion you can install on client PCs.

          i know the Network Atlas can, but things like ADVANCED ALERTS, SYSTEM MANAGER, CUSTOM PROPERTY EDITOR, UNIVERSAL DEVICE POLLER, and such, can not be installed.

          the majority of those are now in the MANAGE NODE/web interface.

          as for me i really need the Advanced Alerts and UnDP moved to a client install.

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            The easiest way to deal with access to the Orion NPM applications on the server is to just rdp to Orion server from your client PC and run the apps that way.  My NPM server is in a DMZ on an isolated network so to access it I rdp in from the normal intranet.  This requires firewall rules for rdp into the DMZ.  It's also a good idea to add ftp to the firewall rules so you can apply patches and updates to the SolarWinds software.  Like lchance said I haven't had a lot of luck trying to run things like Network Atlas from client machines... it's just easier to rdp and run the apps directly on the Orion server.

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                that poses security problems in my environment. For example, just got out of a meeting today where I wanted to give a business analyst access to teh Solarwinds report writer application.  There's no way I'm goign to be allowed (nor want to) give that person RDP access onto my NPM server.

                Also, managing nodes was WAY faster using system manager. I still dont understand why the function was ripped out of system manager and put into the Web app.  Nevertheless, You can still add nodes/rename nodes from the system manager so I can continue to do it that way.

                Put back this functionality into System manager and allow us to install system manager on our workstations and I am one happy camper!!

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                  client apps away from NPM servers is a must....  it s a real pain that i have 5 people working on Orion but only 3 can RDP

                  i also want to give non-techies access to report writer...  and publish report writer to Citrix...

                  lets have it SW


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                      So that is really disappointing that my only answer for the client is to use rdp or install solarwinds on a citrix server so I can publish the client.

                      hmmmmm disappointing. I would expect this out of open source software.

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                          From the way things have changed recently it seems that SolarWinds like many companies are transforming the application into a more web-centric application.  But, as you know, everything still can't be accomplished from the web interface alone.  The network atlas is a perfect example.  I'm not sure that becoming a web application is necessarily a bad thing.  A much improved area is in the account and view controls for the web interface.  (Seamless integration into AD would be a nice improvement for this area)

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                              thats fine, they can offer more functionality by building admin capability into the web interface, but why take away from the system manager?

                              As an admin of the system I spend majority of my time doing two things, adding/modifying/deleting nodes and setting up/tweaking alarms.

                              I dont have all the manage node functionality in System manager, and I have no alarm configuration capability in the Web application. So, I'm stilll forced to use both applications.  Solarwinds implementation of admin functionality in the web interface has left a lot to be desired.  Dont even get me started on APM administration.  I've spent the last two days adding 30-40 nodes into the system. Adding nodes wasnt too bad but when it came to setting up APM templates, I was slowed down big time.