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    Engineer's Toolset 10.5 is Officially Released!


      Version 10.5 of the Engineer's Toolset was released yesterday, and includes a couple of new and interesting Workspace Studio gadgets, as well as some new How-To videos for using some of the popular tools.  Here is a detailed list of the new stuff in 10.5.

      • Workspace Studio MIB Browser - The MIB Browser gadget is used to browse through and view Management Information Base (MIB) values found on your network devices via SNMP.
      • Workspace Studio Route Viewer - The Route View gadget collects Route Table data from multiple network devices and then displays the tables together in one view.
      • New How-To Videos - We added some videos that walk you through how to use the Switch Port Mapper, the MAC Finder, the Neighbor Map, as well as a few videos that show you how to best use the Workspace Studio itself.  These videos can be found here, and you can view them in the Workspace Studio using the Simple Web Gadget.