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    NPM update experience - website binding & false positives


      Just wanted to post an experience I've had with the last two updates (9.5 SP5 and 9.5.1).  We have 3 polling engines and a dedicated Web Console.  The updates applied to all servers successfully, but on the Web Console it removed the binding for HTTPS that was in place.  I had to bind the Solarwinds site to 443 afterward each time.  I assume this is because the Config Wizard only binds port 80 to the site, but it would be nice if it would honor the existing settings, or at least ask to remove/keep them.

      Loving 9.5.1 so far, although we are getting alot of "Warnings" in our Node w/ Problems view that show 10-20% packet loss.  It goes away after the next refresh, but hardly ever happened before the update.  Now the view is saturated with what seems to be false positives after each refresh.  Different nodes every time.  Node view shows no packet loss.  Looking to see what tweaks we can make to adjust.