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    Polling interval doubt



      Please, can you tell me which is the true polling interval in Orion ?

      I node details I have this:

      but in web console polling settings I have this:

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          Hi contracer--

          Couple items:

          You can either changes the polling setting for all your nodes by doing the following:

          1. Go to the Default Node Poll Interval setting under Admin>Settings>Polling Settings.
          2. Change the setting.
          3. Click the Re-Apply Polling Interval to All Nodes.... button underneathe it.

          I've attached a graphic to show you the button. CAUTION: this will update the polling interval for all your nodes.


          1. Go to Admin>Node Management>Manage Nodes.
          2. Select the checkbox next to the Node for which you want to change the polling info.
          3. Click the Edit Properties button.
          4. Change the Node Status Polling field.
          5. Click the Submit button.

          This changes the polling interval for an individual node.